Welcome to the Homestead High School Parent Club!


We have exciting things planned for the 2020-2021 school year! You will be getting emails throughout the year that will inform you of all of Parent Club volunteer opportunities, our educational meetings, donation requests, etc. 


We host monthly meetings that all parents are encouraged to attend. We are fortunate to have our Principal Park Ginder present for every meeting. We get current information regarding what's going on within the school and our students. There is time for an open forum to ask questions and have discussions. We also bring in a special guest speaker or educational component to every meeting. 


You can also find lots of information on our website: ww.hhsparentclubfw.com and you can reach us with questions, suggestions, and concerns at hhsparentclubfw@gmail.com.


There are so many volunteer opportunities for you to get involved with the Parent Club.  We do not have ANY fundraisers. Dues are optional and not required for membership. We do make some money through the administration of the SAT/ACT practice exams and are able to spend that money - as well as money raised through donations and dues - on our students and our staff. All of our committees are FUN because there isn't any pressure to make money... we just have fun! We encourage you to join a committee, donate some time, attend a meeting, donate an item requested, etc.


We rely on thousands of dollars of donated items as well as many thousands of volunteer hours working on our multiple committees for a successful year!


You may jump in feet first, or just dip a big toe! But get involved. These four years of high school are, believe or not, so important for your kids and will go by so quickly. And regardless of what your kids say, they enjoy having you be a part of it! Please visit the link below to find ways to get involved with your child's school and stay informed! 


We have a few chair and co-chair positions available!  Please email hhsparentclubfw@gmail.com if you are interested and/or need more information.



Thank you!

Vicki Heckman, President
HHS Parent Club

Mission Statement

Homestead High School Parents' Club is a community of parents who:

  • work together with school staff and students to plan and facilitate student, family and community events,

  • enhance school/home communication,

  • educate parents and community  

  • and coordinate volunteering opportunities to provide support for the school’s educational goals.

Our Board Members

Serving on the board is a volunteer position. The board members meet once a month. Our business meetings are held immediately following the monthly parent meeting. If interested in serving on the board, please contact us at HHSParentClub@gmail.com.


Vicki Heckman



Heather Regan


Cindy Maucione



Cindy Otten